Endurance training for runners of all levels

“At Last: An Endurance Training App That Actually Makes You a Better Runner”
Men's Journal
March 2021
With one tap, analyze your workout history and get matched with a perfect zone-based training plan. Automatically sync your workout to Apple Watch, and Helium’s pacing auto-pilot tells you how long and how hard to run during your workout at each step.

Personalized training plans for any runner

Stop wasting time searching for generic training plans online. In just a few taps, Helium analyzes your biometric data stored in the iOS Health app and automatically matches you with a pro-quality, zone-based plan perfect for your fitness level.

Your pacing

Helium makes it easy to maintain correct pace or follow complex interval workouts on your run. Stay on track with gentle guidance to speed up or slow down via taps on your wrist or audio tones in your AirPods.

Leave your clunky phone armband at home and just run.

Understand your fitness progress

How do you know if your training is producing results?

Helium analyzes thousands of data points collected during your run to understand the real impact of your workouts. Cardio Efficiency charts show how your fitness changes over time, so you can always know exactly where you’re at.

Easily determine if your fitness level is improving or degrading.

Share your running story

Sticking with an endurance training plan can sometimes be a challenge. We all need a little motivation sometimes. Helium makes it easy to re-live and share your accomplishments with your trusted circle.

Generate a beautiful video re-play of your best runs and instantly share to Instagram Stories or Twitter.

Early testers love Helium:

It’s so simple to use and has everything I need for running. Other apps are overwhelming with ads and other features.
My absolute favorite thing about this app so far is how easy it is to use and how simple and effective the display is while running. There was no searching for data on a tiny screen while trying to maintain good form. A quick glance and I knew exactly where I was at!
Love the app. Since I run with heart rate all the time, the zones are a fantastic way to keep me where I am supposed to be.
It's everything I've ever wanted in a running app!

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