Pro-level endurance training for
every-day runners

Helium is the intelligent endurance trainer for Apple Watch and iPhone. Auto-matched training plans, zone interval pacer, and sophisticated performance analysis.

Stress-free plans

  • Find the perfect training plan, auto-matched to your fitness level
  • Easily adapt workouts to your calendar with smart scheduling.
  • Create your own custom interval plan to match any desired workout.

Stay in the zone

Ambient audio and haptic feedback gently guides your pace during a run.

See your progress

  • Know exactly how much stress you're accumulating on each workout. 
  • Easily compare workouts with route auto-matcher.
  • Be confident your fitness is on track with easy to understand metrics.

Share your wins

Re-live and share your best runs with a video replay.

Early testers love Helium:

It’s so simple to use and has everything I need for running. Other apps are overwhelming with ads and other features.
My absolute favorite thing about this app so far is how easy it is to use and how simple and effective the display is while running. There was no searching for data on a tiny screen while trying to maintain good form. A quick glance and I knew exactly where I was at!
Love the app. Since I run with heart rate all the time, the zones are a fantastic way to keep me where I am supposed to be.
It's everything I've ever wanted in a running app!

Get early access now:

Helium is still in development and will be available in the App Store soon. You can get early access now by joining our Beta group to provide feedback.

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